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a STAR WARS crossover for tarie, PART 1

This is PART 1 of 2

Author: krystal_moon

Recipient: tarie
Title: Harry Skypotter and the Return of the Wizard Knights
Rating: PG-13
Crossover Fandom: Star Wars (mainly the film "Return of the Jedi")
Pairings or Main Characters: No pairings really (Remus/Sirius is used but not in an explicit manner). Main characters= Harry/Luke Skywalker, Hermione/Princess Leia, Sirius/Han Solo, Voldemort/Emperor Palpatine, Peter Pettigrew/Darth Vader (don’t ask!), Remus/Chewbacca, Ron/C-3PO, Fred and George/R2D2, Dumbledore/Obi-Wan and a lot of House Elves/Ewoks and Death Eaters/Stormtroopers!!!
Warnings: mentions of a homosexual pairing (trust me, it’s not explicit and does not involve bestiality, although the characters I chose might suggest it does. Sirius and Rembacca may be space pirates but they got morals!)
Summary: This is "Return of the Jedi" Harry Potter style. Although some lines are lifted from the film and novel but most of it involves the changing of characters and plot. It is not the re-telling of "ROTJ" word-for-word. It’s "ROTJ with a LOT of twists!"
Word Count: 13,172
Author Notes: I went through several ideas before settling on this one. One more thing: the first scene is a parody of a scene that was filmed but cut from the final print. Notes of the cut scene can be found here. This fic is dedicated to "I" for helping me understand the idea of "pastiche", to "P" for reading it as I wrote it and saying it was great and for my two beta readers who took the time and effort to beta read this very long fic. I hope this dedication makes up for the brain cells you wore out whilst sorting this fic out. Oh and thanks to violet_quill for having the patience of a saint.

As the sandstorm roared across the sandy dunes of Privetooine, Harry Skypotter wondered how he had tolerated such harsh weather as a child. If he had his way, he would never have thought of setting a foot back on the dreary planet, but the situation was unavoidable and it was worth it to save his friend, Sirius Solo from the clutches of Dolores the Hutt.

And now, all six members of the group wandered through the thick gale. The android, F2G2 was first of course. The android was well-known for being mischievous whenever possible but when it came to this type of situations, he was a lifesaver. He was able to guide the group through the storm that had made it impossible for them to see anything, not even their own hands. C3-RW was next, then Harry guiding Princess Hermia, and finally the wolf-like creature, Rembacca supporting the weak Sirius.

Suddenly, the wind died and the group could see the Millennium Wolfstar and Harry’s F-Bolt Fighter in the distance. They moved as fast as the dying wind would let them. They huddled under the Wolfstar and watched as the storm calmed down altogether. It was then that Harry made his way to his F-Bolt.

He was stopped by a hand resting on his shoulder, and he heard Sirius say, "Look, kid. Why don’t you come with us?"

Harry turned around. "I can’t. Well not yet anyway. I have a promise to keep."

Hermia urged. "Well, hurry up. We’ll meet you at the secret base as arranged. The Order should be on their way to Spendor by now."

Harry assured. "I’ll be quick as I can. I promise."

Sirius spoke. "Thanks for coming after me, Harry."

Harry smiled. "Well you did save my life…twice. I just thought I’d repay some of the favour."

The space pirate’s face and voice suddenly turned serious. "No. I mean it, kid. Being trapped through that Veil..." He shuddered in mid-sentence.

Harry did not know how to respond to that remark. After all, he knew that Sirius did not owe him a thing. Ever since they had met in the Hutt’s Head Inn all those years ago, the space pirate had always risked his life to save Harry, and the life debt had created a bond between the pair of them. Harry had studied these types of bonds with his old mentor, Al-Bus Kenobi, but he had never understood them at all until Sirius had saved him during the battle of the Death Mark. And yet, Harry felt--no, he knew--that the bond went much deeper than that of a life debt.

Sirius’s face suddenly lit up with a grin. "Well, come on. Let’s get off this miserable dirtball."

Harry nodded and ran towards his fighter with F2G2 following him. Harry strapped himself in and watched as the Wolfstar jetted off into space. He started up his fighter’s engines and followed suit.

As the F-Bolt glided towards the Hogobah system, a chorus of beeps and whistles elicited from F2G2. Harry looked at the translation that was lit on the luminous screen in front of him.

"That’s right, F2," he said, "we’re going to Hogobah." When F2G2 whined, Harry sighed. "I know, I know. He’s a pain in the bum but he’s the only Wizard Master left. I need to complete my training and get some answers." He heard another long whine from the android and he rolled his eyes. "Look, why don’t you make yourself useful and just tell me some jokes to pass the time?"

And so, the fighter became filled with various beeps and whistles that became mixed with Harry’s laughter as he read joke after joke that appeared on the screen. He was laughing so hard that he almost crashed his fighter into the Hogobah swamp. He was so determined not to make that mistake again that he took special care in guiding his fighter to safety. After landing safely, Harry placed his lightwand into his holster and walked down the path to Yobby’s small hut.

"I wouldn’t waste your energy, Harry."

Harry looked round and saw the ghost of Al-Bus sitting on a log. "I have to go, Al-Bus. Yobby owes me some answers and," he pointed a finger at his former mentor, "if he’s too hopeless to give them to me, then I’m coming after you."

"You may be powerful in the Arts but you need to learn some manners" Al-Bus sounded like an angry parent talking to a naughty child. "I will not have anything and said against Yobby. He’s a greater Master than people give him credit for. And besides, didn’t anyone tell you not to disrespect the dead?"

"You can give me the lecture later. I have to go." He turned away and headed back down the path.

"He’s dead."

The old Master’s words stopped Harry in his tracks. "What?"

Al-Bus sighed. "He became one with the Force several days ago. So it looks like you’ll have to come to me for your answers."

Harry walked towards the log and sat down. "Actually, I prefer talking to you anyway."

"So what do you want to know?"

Harry sighed a bit impatiently. "You say that you can see all and that you know all and yet you’re asking me that question. Weren’t you watching when I got my hand chopped off?" He raised his gloved hand as if to emphasise his point.

"Even ghosts who are one with the Force need their sleep. I must have been napping at the time."

Harry exhaled again. "Alright. First of all, is Darth Vormtail my father?"

Al-Bus’ eyes widened in shock. "Who told you that lie?"

"Vormtail did, just after he cut off my hand."

"And you believed him? Don’t you remember the first thing I told you? The Dark Side is very naughty and anyone who practices it will try to mess with your mind."

"So he was lying?"

Al-Bus murmured, "Give the kid a goldfish." He then said in a clearer voice, "Yes, he was. James Skypotter was your father. Lily Amidala was your mother. Vormtail was friends with your father. However, when it looked like Emperor Palpamort would win the war, Vormtail turned to the Dark Side and betrayed your parents. And…oh I told you the rest."

Harry traced a finger along the unmistakable scar on his forehead. "Yeah you did." And thank the Force he is not my father! he thought. He said softly, "So, with you and Yobby gone to the other side, where do I go from here?"

"You already know that. You are ready to face Palpamort and Vormtail."

Harry shook his head. "You are kidding, right? Al-Bus, I’m not ready. I mean, I couldn’t even defeat Vormtail!"

"That was a year ago, Harry. Remember, you did leave your training early. You’ve come a long way since then. After all, you saved your friends just now."

Harry folded his arms. "Oh, so you were there to see that, were you?"

Al-Bus shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it’s just that Dolores the Hutt…she always had it in for me. I saw how you fought. You are ready."

"I don’t feel ready though. I feel like the only Wizard Knight left."

"Oh, quit whining, Harry. It’s very unattractive in a Wizard Knight. Princesses don’t go for whiners. And well, you’re not the last one."

Harry’s mouth opened in shock. "WHAT!?"

"There is another out there with the same strength in the Force as you."

"Oh, you are joshing, right?" After a second’s thought, Harry had a revelation. "Wait! It’s not Hermia, is it? She’s not my twin, is she?"

Al-Bus chuckled and shook his head. "No, she’s not. You can get horny over her in that bikini."

Although Harry did not like the idea of his mentor probing into his mind, he was relieved that he could still fancy the feisty princess without feeling ashamed of it. After sighing with relief, Harry asked. "So, there is another?"


"And you just decided to tell me now? I’ve had to put up with flipping Yobby when there could have been someone better out there?"

"The truth is, he’s very stubborn and sort of gave up on the Force."

"How can you possibly give up on the Force? These powers are great!"

"Yes and with great powers comes great responsibility."

"Is that a new phrase from the Force?"

"No. I heard it somewhere. I can’t remember where exactly where though. I think I better start at the beginning. I’ve known him since he was very young. I even taught him the Arts and although he had his arrogant side, he was still one of the best students in the academy along with your father. I trained him alongside your father and the two became best friends. In fact, if anything did happen to James and Lily, he was to be your legal guardian.

"However, after your parents were killed, he was the first to be blamed. Darth Vormtail had been able to frame him, and of course he went into hiding. Even when Vormtail and Palpamort were eventually revealed to be responsible, he still stayed in hiding.

"I found him again a few years ago and ever since then, I have tried to contact him through the Force, but he keeps saying that he has lost faith and want to keep with the life he has. He has had a hard year, and through that time, I have comforted him and tried to give him hope--I don’t know if it has worked or not though."

Harry asked, "Where can I find him? Maybe I can help."

"He’s closer than you think, Harry. In fact, over the last few years, he has saved your life several times and has inadvertently become the guardian that James wanted him to be."

After a few moments of silence, a light clicked on in Harry’s mind. "It can’t be…Sirius!"

Al-Bus nodded. "Your insight serves you well. At least your training wasn’t a complete waste of time." His voice suddenly became stern and teacher-like. "Bury this--and your feelings--deep inside you, Harry. They do you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor."

Harry licked his lips. "Do you really think Sirius can help me?"

"He already has. However, in the ways of the Force, he is still stubborn, but I believe in him. I believe in you too, that you can defeat the Lords of the Dark Side."

Harry nodded without saying a word. He had no idea how long he sat down near that murky swamp, but he was too lost in his thoughts to care.

"It can’t be…Sirius!"

"Your insight serves you well. Bury this--and your feelings deep inside you, Harry. They do you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor."

The Emperor laughed evilly, taking delight in how his laugher echoed across the throne room of the Death Mark II. He was facing the back wall but he did not need to see that Lord Vormtail had entered the room. Palpamort could see it now--Vormtail trying to look powerful and fearful in his dark armour and, of course, failing miserably. He would have disposed of his pitiful servant years ago--he had no use for him now that Harry Skypotter had come of age--but Vormtail still had his uses, minimal as they were.

"And what are you doing here, Lord Vormtail? I told you to remain with the Death Troopers."

"I apologise, my Lord." Darth Vormtail tried to speak in a much deeper voice but it did not cover the rat-like tones of his real voice. "But I’ve come to inform you that the rest of the Order are heading to Spendor."

The Emperor’s throne swivelled so that he was now facing his servant." Yes, I know this already. I also know something else--Solo is still alive and Skypotter knows the truth." When Darth Vormtail took a step backwards, Palpamort could instantly feel the fear surrounding his servant. "Do not worry, my apprentice; this will work to our advantage. Solo is on his way with the rest of the Order and he shares a bond with Skypotter. He has also given up on the Force. You and the Death Troopers will have no problem in bringing him to me" He leaned forward in his throne and Vormtail could see Palpamort’s disfigured face. "And I want him alive!"

Vormtail knelt down. "As you wish."

The throne swivelled until the Emperor was facing the back wall again and that was the end of that matter.

"Master Harry, are you alright?"

The young man awoke from his deep thinking and saw C3-RW hovering over him. The reddish-gold protocol droid had a tendency to whine and be downright annoying, but Harry secretly liked having him around--it was almost like having a best friend. Plus, it was fun to hear C3-RW have petty arguments with F2G2--the same kind of arguments that brothers would have.

Harry forced himself to smile. "Yes, C3-RW, I’m fine."

"I have come to inform you that we have landed on the planet Spendor and the rest of the crew are off the ship."

"Very well." Harry stood up and walked down the ramp.

The forest that surrounded the planet was majestic- Harry had never seen trees so big or grass so green. And yet, he could not enjoy the sight properly. Something was wrong--he could feel it.

He murmured, "Something’s happened."

Hermia replied sarcastically, "Yeah, Solo here has landed us in the wrong place."

Before Sirius could retort this statement, Harry shook his head. "No. This is the right place to be, but something has happened here."

"Yeah," Hermia replied. "You spent too much time doing your own thing and we got here too late. Now, the rest of the Order have gone off to do the mission without us. I told you to hurry up!"

"Hey!" Sirius pointed an accusing finger. "Leave him alone. You know what he is, and it’s something important, something you will never understand."

Hermia placed her hands on her hips. "And I suppose you do, then?"

Before Sirius could answer, the group heard the snap of a branch. Harry’s feeling of unease intensified. He reached out his hands towards the Wolfstar and said, "Accio, broom!" A few seconds later, his trusty broom flew out of the ship and into his open hand. He moved towards the clearing.

"Stay here, "he said. "I’ll just go and see."

"Wait a minute, kid," Sirius chipped in. "I’ll come with you."

If it had been any other time, Harry would have objected, but now that he knew the truth about this so-called space pirate, Harry was more than happy for Sirius to come along.

He nodded and turned to Hermia. "You stay here, with the droids and Rembacca. We won’t be long."

"Oh, and what am I supposed to do here?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t know. Wait and see if the Order return."

Sirius added, "Or you can try and get that rod out of your backside."

Hermia made a retort to that remark, but neither Harry nor Sirius heard it, or chose not to hear it. They made their way through the forest towards where they heard the noise.

Sirius spoke first. "I don’t know why we have her around."

Harry replied, "Well, she’s good in a crisis. It’s just a shame that she’s got such a temper, especially towards you. Ever since we started searching for you last year, she seems to have a chip on her shoulder. What is that all about?"

Sirius sighed. "Well, while you were away, we got stranded on an asteroid. I was repairing part of the ship when she came onto me--and I mean, really came onto me. I pushed her away. She seemed a bit peeved over it but we were still civil. However, while we were on Cloud City, she caught me and Rembacca in a somewhat compromising situation."

Harry’s mouth fell open. "What? You mean you and Rembacca…I never knew you were into that kind of thing."

Sirius seemed unfazed by the comment. "What’s wrong with being gay?"

"Nothing. It’s just that well, you know what Rembacca looks like."

"Yeah but it was a full moon that night, and Remmie was in his human form."

"Oh." Suddenly Harry realised. "Oh, I get it."

"What? You mean…hey kid! I may be a space pirate, but I got my morals."

Harry laughed. "So Hermia has been bitchy towards you because she’s got the hots for you and you’re gay?"

Sirius laughed. "Yeah. Now you can have a go with her."

Harry turned away from the pirate. "I don’t know what you are on about."

"Oh, come on. I saw the look on your face when you saw her in that bikini. You fancy her."

"Are you sure that was how you know?" Harry then looked at Sirius again. "Or did you read it in my mind?"

Sirius stopped in his footsteps and Harry followed suit. The two looked at each other. With his space pirate gear and his unruly black hair, he did not look like a Wizard Knight to Harry.

Sirius shuffled his feet on the ground like a shy boy. "Look, Harry, there’s something we got to talk about."

Before he could continue, a jet of light flew past them and hit the nearest tree. They both looked to see three figures completely dressed in black emerge and head for their broomsticks. Within seconds, they were both flying up the trees and into the sky.

"Death Troopers," Harry and Sirius said in unison.

Harry got on his broomstick. Sirius jumped up behind him and they both flew in pursuit of the troopers. It was awkward for the pair because the broom was barely big enough to accommodate them and as they flew above the trees, Sirius nearly fell off it due to lack of balance. However Harry was one of the fastest and best riders ever known, and so, even with the extra weight, he was able to get closer to the troopers. With one hand holding onto the broom tightly, he proceeded to pull his gun from his holster.

"No, not yet," Sirius advised. "Move closer to the one lagging behind."

Harry obeyed and gripped his stick with both hands again. He moved as fast as the weight on the broom would let him until they were so close that Harry could reach out and touch the bristles of the trooper’s broom.

"Get alongside him," Sirius commanded.

Harry flew his broom close to the left-hand side of the trooper’s. Sirius suddenly leaped from the back of Harry’s broom to the back of the trooper’s and forced the trooper off. Harry watched as the trooper fell until he could be seen no more.

Sirius shuffled towards the front of his broom, and the pair now tore after the remaining troopers. Now that there was no extra weight on either broom, the chase became faster. Suddenly, the gap between the two troopers began to widen.

"They’re splitting up!" Harry cried.

"Right, you take the one on the left and I’ll follow the other."

Harry nodded and the pair split up. He watched as Sirius swerved to the right and followed his trooper down into the forest again. He then focused on his own trooper, closing in fast. As they flew in the sky, Harry pulled his gun out of his holster and aimed for the rider. He missed--it was not a big miss, but he still felt stupid. He brought himself closer to the trooper and fired again. He missed the rider but a small fire lit up on the broom. The trooper proceeded to fly down into the trees at a faster speed.

Harry continued at his high speed and even though the trooper was now a distance away, the Wizard Knight aimed his gun again. This time, he embraced the Force and focused in the same way he had done during the battle on the First Death Mark.

He sighed. "Third time lucky."

He fired and this time, the trooper’s broom flew out of control and the trooper fell to the ground on his back. Harry hovered over the corpse for several minutes until he was convinced that the trooper was dead. It was then that he flew in the direction that Sirius had gone.

He searched through the forest for the space pirate but could not find him at all. He reached out to sense if he was alive. He could feel Sirius’ presence faintly.

"Sirius!" he called out. "Sirius!"

After what seemed to be an eternity, he found himself in a small clearing; and there, in the distance, was Sirius surrounded by a cluster of Death Troopers. Harry flew on his broom towards the battle. He got out his lightwand, activated it and raced towards Sirius’ side. He shouted a hex and a jet of red light flew out of his wand, hitting a Death Trooper squarely in the chest. The troopers turned and aimed their lasers, but Harry was able to deflect every shot.

Suddenly, one trooper fired a shot that hit Harry’s broom, crashing it to the ground. The young man immediately tumbled after it. He started to run towards the fight, but the same trooper fired another shot which hit Harry in the leg. He fell to the ground again, hearing some of the troopers laugh at his humiliation. He reached his wand out to hit the troopers, but another blast collided with his bare hand and Harry dropped the wand.

Despite the throbbing pain in his hand, he kept it stretched out as far as possible and focused on using the Force. He could feel the power working through him and suddenly, an invisible force pushed two of the troopers backwards. They fell upon more troopers, and a pile landed on the ground.

Harry was about to do it again when he saw Sirius reached out his own hand and more troopers fall to the ground. Sirius then lifted his open hand and Harry was gobsmacked to see the entire group of Death Troopers lifted in the air. The group was lifted higher and higher until they were above Sirius’ head.

Harry struggled to stand to his feet and then hobbled towards Sirius, taking care not to put too much weight on his sore leg. He walked into the circle and stood opposite the space pirate who had his eyes closed. He looked like he was frozen into place. Harry looked up at the group of immobile troopers above him and suddenly they all dropped to the hard ground.

Some of the troopers groaned, but none could move any faster even if they tried. They all scampered in different directions. When they had all gone, Harry turned towards Sirius again. The pirate had opened his eyes but he looked as if he was in a trance. The expression on Sirius’ face was one that Harry had never seen on the older man before. The closest description that Harry could think of was nostalgia.

"Sirius," Harry said. When the space pirate did not even twitch a muscle, Harry repeated, "Sirius," whilst clicking his fingers of his bare hand, forgetting the dull pain.

Sirius jumped slightly, as if waking up from a dream. "Harry!" he exclaimed. "What just happened?"

"You know what happened."

Sirius shamefully placed a hand over his face. "You weren’t supposed to find out this way."

"I already know. Al-Bus told me everything."

Sirius chuckled under his breath. "He always threatened to do it if I didn’t." He sighed sadly. "I’m sorry, Harry. There’s so much I have to tell you."

Harry placed his gloved hand on the pirate’s arm. "It can wait. Let’s just get back to the others."

Sirius lowered his hand until he could see the younger man, and he nodded. He then removed his hand completely from his face and wrapped his arm around Harry.

"Come on, kid. Let’s get some weight off that leg of yours."

"Where’s your broom?" Harry asked.

"Got smashed up. It’s over there."

Sirius pointed towards some foliage, and Harry could see the broom, smashed up in half. The two halves were singed with laser burns.

"Looks like we’ve got a long way to go," Harry said in humour.

"We’ll make it, kid," Sirius replied confidently.

And so, the pair took their time through the forest, trying to retrace their journey back to the Wolfstar. However, everything around them seemed to look the same, and after a time, Harry had the feeling that they were lost. Before either of them could speak out, a huge net sprang up from all around them, hoisting them above the ground. The pair became entangled in each other and unnecessary pressure pressed onto the sore spot on Harry’s leg.

Sirius groaned. "Why do I get the feeling that this is not our day at all?"

Harry was about to reply when a dart hit his neck and he started to choke for breath. Sirius reached out to pull the dart out but it was too late--within seconds, Harry was unconscious. Suddenly, Sirius felt a pain in his neck and everything went black.

The trooper known only as Draco knew he was in trouble. As far as he understood, none of his fellow companions even had the chance to glace upon the Emperor, and to be brought to the great Lord only meant one thing--he had failed. Hell, they all had. Capturing Solo should have been easy, but they had all run away like cowards. Whenever a group of Death Troopers failed, one had to become the scapegoat; and as the Emperor pointed at him, Draco knew that this was his day. He sheepishly walked away from the group and knelt on the steps that led to the Emperor’s throne. He then lowered his head.

"Explain yourself." The Emperor’s harsh words sent a shiver down Draco’s spine.

"My Lord." The trooper’s voice was consumed with fear. "They overpowered us."

"Two mere men overpowered you? You, who have brought to me numerous members of the Order could not bring me the two men that I want the most?" Draco started to speak but the Emperor interrupted him. "I will not hear any more of your lies. I can read Skypotter’s mind and I know that," he glided one bony finger over the group. "every single one of you ran away like cowards! It shows how loyal you really are to me!"

A Death Trooper spoke up. "We are loyal to you, my Lord."

Palpamort’s sarcastic laugh echoed throughout the throne room. "You pathetic worms don’t know the meaning of loyalty! If you had been as loyal as you say, you would have fought the two with no regard for your own lives!" He furiously retrieved his lightwand from his robes. "You know the penalty for failure. Avada Kedavra!" A jet of green light escaped from his wand and took the life away from Draco.

After a brief silence, Palpamort looked at his minions and barked, "I will have no more mistakes! I want the rest of that pitiful Order disposed of; and I want both Solo and Skypotter alive, or you will wish you had received a punishment as lenient as his." He pointed to the lifeless corpse. "Now take him away and get out of my sight!"

With no hesitation, the group left the room, carrying the deceased trooper with care. Palpamort put his lightwand back inside his robes and slumped in his throne. He started to rub his forehead with his fingertips.

He murmured to himself, "Sometimes I don’t know why I bother. I really don’t." He gazed upon Darth Vormtail who had not left his place on the Emperor’s right. "This situation is most unfortunate and yet this is this first time Solo has used the Force in over twenty years. I feel that he is still confused and still has no faith in the Force. Skypotter is still a bigger threat."

Vormtail was puzzled. "Then why do you want Solo so badly?"

"Because now that Skypotter knows the truth, he will try to convince Solo to embrace the Force completely, and if he does, well you know how powerful he is." Palpamort placed a finger to his lips and went into deep thought. After a time, he spoke again. "His confusion could be a blessing onto us; maybe he could be seduced to the Dark Side."

Vormtail placed his hand on his helmet. "If he is confused, then he is not the only one. My brain hurts."

Palpamort replied, "Only because you have a weak mind. It will all become clear when Skypotter comes to me."

"You mean, the troopers will actually catch him?"

"No, my apprentice. He will come to me willingly."


Palpamort replied confidently, "Oh yes. I have foreseen it."

"And what of Solo?"

"His confusion clouds my foresight. No matter. He will not leave this planet alive--I will see to that myself if I must. In the meantime, Skypotter is our biggest concern at the moment and he will come to me." He then ended his statement with an evil cackle.

When Harry regained consciousness, he felt like he was drifting away as well as numbness in his wrists and ankles.

"Sirius," he mumbled. "Sirius, are you there?"

"Yeah. I’m here, kid."

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Trust me, kid. You don’t want to know."

Harry wanted to know, though. He looked around and saw that he was bound to a long pole which was being carried by weird-looking creatures. He could see that Sirius was in the same predicament and that they were being hoisted up the trees. They were carried up stairways that were wrapped around the gigantic trunks.

They were finally taken out onto a wooden walkway and Harry looked down but he was far too high up in the trees and so the drop looked like a bottomless pit. When they reached the end of the walkway, Harry could see that they were being carried into what looked like a village square. Harry and Sirius could see a huddle of huts which was made up into a circle. In the middle of the circle there was a cluster of mini bonfires and of course, hundreds of these strange-looking creatures.

The creatures that were carrying Harry’s pole hoisted him so that he was leaning on his pole against a nearby tree. The ones that were holding Sirius’ pole placed him over what looked like a barbecue pit.

Now that Harry was immobile, he could see the creatures more clearly. They all had large bat-like ears and bulging eyes that were far too big for their small heads. And indeed, they were small--if Harry was standing next to the tallest member of the clan, it would only reach up to his knee. And yet, he got a déjà vu feeling; although this was his first time on the planet, he felt that he had met these creatures before.

Sirius looked over at Harry with a frown. "I have got a bad feeling about this."

Harry nodded in agreement. "So do I."

Sirius groaned. "How did we get into this mess? I thought we were better than this. Oh, this is so embarrassing. All I can say I’m glad that Hermia is not here. She’d never let us live it down."

Suddenly, out of the largest hut emerged the Princess Hermia and Rembacca. Of course, only those that were closest to Rembacca would know that it was him. Rembacca had once been a man but he had become cursed to be a wolf-like creature forever. That is, except when the full moon rose and then, for as long as the moon was full, he would be his human self again. On this particular night, there was no moon in the sky. However, Spendor was a forest moon and the transformation was effective at all times. During the daytime, the transformation was only half-complete, turning Remus into a wolf-like creature. During the night time, he became completely human--shaggy brown hair, a lean figure and a very handsome face.

Sirius mumbled to himself. "Speak of the devil."

Hermia folded her arms and looked at the two captives, although her gaze seemed to be on Sirius rather than on Harry.

Harry asked, "What’s going on here?"

"They must think you’re the enemy," Hermia replied.

"Well, could you kindly tell these creatures that we are not?"

Rembacca spoke. "I will." He turned to the creature that was dressed in what seemed to be ceremonial robes. "Excuse me, but you must release them."

The creature’s high-pitched voice was almost deafening. "But they are the deadly black men!"

Rembacca insisted, "They are not. They’re our friends." He pointed to Harry. "That is Harry Skypotter."

The creature screeched. "Harry Skypotter!"

The crowd gasped in unison and a chorus of low mutterings filled the village. One of the smallest creatures skipped up to Harry and climbed up the tree that he was leaning on. He pushed away some of Harry’s black fringe, and the creature’s large eyes grew wider as he stared at the very recognisable lightening bolt scar.

The little creature cried out like an excited child. "It is Harry Skypotter." He jumped off the tree and skipped happily, repeating the Wizard Knight’s name.

"Release them immediately," the tallest creature commanded.

Quickly, the creatures ran forward and released the bound prisoners. Rembacca ran towards Harry and Sirius before enveloping them in a bear hug. Hermia followed and was welcomed into the hug by Harry. When they parted, they saw that all the little creatures had bowed.

"What’s all this about?" Harry asked

The creature in the ceremonial robes lifted his head. "You are the one that Yobby told us about."

"You knew Yobby?"

"Yes, he was an Elvok, just like us."

"Ah." So that’s why you look so familiar Harry thought.

"I am Hokey, the leader of the Elvoks," the Elvok said. "And we are at your service. If you need anything at all, we will do our best to help you."

"Well, I could use something for my leg."

Hokey walked towards the large hut. "Come with me."

Before Harry moved, he whispered to Sirius, "I guess my fame has its advantages."

As several Elvoks were tending to his sore hand and leg, Harry listened to the meeting that had started before he and Sirius had been brought to the village. It turned out that not long after the Order had landed on Spendor, they had been ambushed by numerous Death Troopers, or as the Elvoks called them "the deadly black men" Some had been killed and some were declared missing. Only five members of the Order were remaining. Harry recognised them but he could not remember their names at all.

"So what do we do now?" Hermia asked.

"That’s easy. We attack," Sirius replied.

She raised her eyebrows. "Are you kidding? There are only nine of us that can fight. Are you saying that we few are going to defeat the entire Empire? You’re mad!"

"Gee, for the so-called leader of this band, you really are a confidence booster," Sirius replied sarcastically.

"Well, what do you have in mind for our big victory?"

"Easy. We get an army."

"I wouldn’t call nine people an army!"

"Not us." He pointed towards the exit of the hut. "Them."

"Tell me, Sirius. Did being trapped in that Veil for so long scramble your brains? They can’t fight!"

Sirius raised an eyebrow. "How do you know that?"

C3-RW spoke. "If I may intervene, Princess but Solo here raises a good point. I know a little about the Elvoks, and although they are a peaceful race, they do have warrior-like qualities."

Rembacca agreed. "They must have if they were able to capture Harry and Sirius."

"Did you have to bring that up, Remmie?" Sirius retorted.

Rembacca grinned cheekily. "Yes."

Hermia smirked. "I suppose you do have a point." She then turned serious. "But they are just so tiny. Those Death Troopers will crush them!"

Harry answered, "F2G2 is small--are you saying that he’s useless?" The small android whined as if he was agreeing with Harry. "And my old Wizard Master, Yobby was an Elvok and he was one of the greatest Masters that ever lived."

"You always said he was an utter pain in the bum," Hermia commented.

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "So are some other people that I could mention but that doesn’t mean a thing. Yobby was still a great Wizard Master. You really should have faith in these creatures." When Hermia did not look convinced, Harry added, "I’ll tell you what. We’ll vote on it. All those in favour of us asking the Elvoks for help, raise your hands."

Seven hands raised in the air, and F2G2 whistled in agreement. The only one who did not raise her hand was Hermia.

Harry then said, "And all those against…"

Hermia interrupted, "Alright, I give up. Just don’t blame me when this plan backfires."

"It won’t," Sirius replied.

One of the Elvoks who was tending Harry’s leg said, "Did you hear that? We’re going to fight with Harry Skypotter!"

"I know. It’s so exciting!" another exclaimed

Harry chuckled. "Are you nearly finished there?"

The first Elvok answered, "Yes you should be okay now."

"Is it safe for me to go for a walk?"


"Good." He stood up carefully. "Excuse me everyone. I’m just going to get some fresh air."

And with that, he left the hut. He made his way out of the village, moving past the Elvoks staring at him as he walked by. He stopped at the walkway--the same walkway that the creatures had carried him and Sirius over just a few hours earlier. The sheer thought of being captured by these little creatures was embarrassing but intriguing at the same time. The possibility that they could become significant in the fight tomorrow did not sound as ludicrous to Harry as it should have.

He stared up past the millions of leaves, fixing his gaze on the half-moon which shone amongst the countless number of stars. He knew what he had to do--he had no choice.

"Hey, kid."

Harry broke out of his thoughts and looked to see Sirius standing next to him. "Hi. What are you doing out there?"

"Just thought I’d join you in the quest for fresh air. You don’t mind, do you?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "Free galaxy, isn’t it?"

Sirius laughed and then muttered, "Isn’t it?"

They both leaned over the railings of the walkway. It felt like it was woven with leaves and bark. Harry looked down but the endless drop made him feel dizzy, and he shot his head back up again.

"What’s up, Harry?"

"I think I just got a case of vertigo." Harry rubbed his forehead and then resumed his position on the railings. "I’ll be alright."

"How’s your leg and hand?"

"Hmm, still a little sore but at least I can walk on my leg now. My hand will be okay as well. Those Elvoks can work wonders. Oh, and speaking of which, do you really believe that the Elvoks can help us?"

Sirius looked at Harry. "Of course. What makes you think otherwise?"

"I just had a feeling that you said it just to try to piss Hermia off."

"Oh, don’t be daft! I meant every word of it and I think you believe that."


"Well, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have sided with me on the issue. Maybe Hermia and I don’t get on, but I wouldn’t piss her off like that. It’s just so childish and I…" Sirius stopped in mid-sentence before turning away and mumbling quickly, "I grew out of that a long time ago."

Harry watched as Sirius gazed down into the dark abyss. He had never seen the older man act this way before but it was not that that puzzled him. It was the mild fear that he could sense from Sirius.

I don’t believe it! Harry realised. </i>He’s actually nervous!</i>

He spoke softly. "What did you want to tell me?"

Still looked that the dark void, Sirius asked. "What?"

"Before that chase with the Death Troopers, you said that you wanted to talk about something."

Sirius shuffled nervously. "It doesn’t matter."

"I would like to know anyway."

Sirius sighed. "How much did Al-Bus tell you about me?"

"That you used to be a Wizard Knight, but after you were blamed for my parents’ death, you ran."

Sirius closed his eyes as if he was ashamed. "Harry, I’m not in power here. I could tell you what I think you need to know but then, I don’t know what you need to know. So, you can ask me anything--and I mean anything and I’ll answer truthfully."

"Al-Bus said that you gave up on the Force. Why?"

"I just lost faith, Harry. After your parents died and I was blamed, I felt that I had failed as a Wizard Knight. You see, your father had a vision that you and Lily would die. James, Vormtail and I made arrangements to take you and Lily to a safe place. Of course, Vormtail betrayed us, and Lily was found murdered with you crying your eyes out. James and I both knew that Vormtail was the traitor, and we set out to destroy that little rat but we fell into a trap. James was killed by Palpamort, and I was left for dead. I tried to get to Al-Bus, but before I could, the news had gotten round that I was the one that murdered your parents. So I just ran.

"I know I’m going into too much detail, but the bottom line of it was I felt I had failed and I still feel that way. I should have been able to protect James and Lily but the worst of it was I should have been able to detect the Dark Side in Vormtail." He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. "I’m sorry, Harry. Don’t think I’m not ashamed for running away, but I didn’t think I had a choice."

The young man placed a hand on Sirius’ arm. "Why couldn’t you tell me?"

"How could I? I’m a failure, Harry. I proved it that night."

"You’re not a failure," Harry insisted. "You proved that today. I’m going to face the Dark Lords. Come with me."

Sirius shook his head. "I can’t."

"Why not?"

"I just told you, kid. I’m a failure. I wouldn’t be much help."

"You were brilliant today, though. You did something today that I can’t do. You have powers that I don’t even understand yet. The Force is still strong inside you."

Sirius chuckled under his breath. "You sound just like Al-Bus."

"I’m serious!"

The pirate smirked. "So am I." His face then turned solemn again. "I can’t come with you. It’s too late for me to be any help with the Force. The Emperor will feel my negativity and will use it against us both. I’m sorry but I can’t risk that happening."

A look of defeat appeared on Harry’s face. "Okay."

He suddenly held onto Sirius. The space pirate could feel the young man’s body shake against his own. "Come on, Harry. You can do it, I promise. Ever since we met in the Hutt’s Head, I’ve watched you grow stronger in the Force. You can do it."

"I won’t be coming back. I know that, but I’d rather die than turn to the Dark Side."

"Just remember that anger and fear are the Dark Side. Once you start down the dark path, it will forever dominate your destiny. The Emperor won’t admit it, but he is terrified of you--he tried to kill you once before but he ended up being nearly destroyed. He is terrified of what you can do. So he and Vormtail will try to tempt you in any way they can. Don’t listen to them. Understand?"

Harry nodded, keeping his hold on Sirius, and the pirate embraced him back. Soon, perhaps too soon, Harry gently pulled away and moved slowly down the walkway until he had disappeared out of sight. Sirius watched him go and then leaned against the railings, staring at the stars above.

"You should have gone with him, you know."

Without looking away from the stars, Sirius replied, "I couldn’t, Remmie. My presence would only make it worse for Harry."

Rembacca looked at his friend with sadness and pity. He knew everything about Sirius--the pirate had confessed everything after the battle on the First Death Mark. That had been four years earlier, but Rembacca remembered it as if it were yesterday. He also know about Al-Bus’ visits to try and tempt Sirius back into the Force, each one being a failure. He knew that nothing that he said would make Sirius change his mind. So instead, he simply embraced the pirate who returned the gesture.

"I hope you know what you’re doing," Rembacca said.

"Yeah, me too."

[continue to Part 2]
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